Eye-for-Eye Film Series

The purpose of this film series is to help people understand what wrongs their predecessors did and what pains the victims truly experienced. The white man did awful things to the American Indians and the blacks. The Germans did the most horrendous brutalities not only to the Jews and the Gypsies, but also to the blacks in their African colonies. And that is not all. 

Film Eye-for-Eye #1- American Indians

Old Indian (Native American) Bright Feathers is telling an Indian boy Steven how their forefathers lived peacefully with nature, how they lived from what nature gave them, how they were happy and proud – and when the white man came, they welcomed him and shared with him what they had. It will be intertwined with scenes of what happened. 

The white man poisoned them, infected them with disease, stole their land, raped their women and girls, killed their brothers, lied and killed, killed and lied, forced on them his religion, his language, stole their children so they could be brought up in a foreign environment to forget their heritage, gave them alcohol – and in their hopelessness they turned to the bottle. 

Then the old man pointed to the sky and exclaimed that the Indian Nation will rise again and time for revenge will come, eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. A young God with piercing eyes will lead them. The Indian nation will rule their lands again. 

Then he doses off and has a dream, a vision, where everything is backwards. This will be the main portion of the film, where what the English did to the Indians, the Indians now do to the English, with the help of Gods. It will be very powerful and will show the white man how it is to be on the other side of the rope. 

The old man opens up his eyes as a plain clothes agent wakes him up, handcuffs him, and against his protests wants to take him to jail for practicing medicine without license. He says that he is a medicine man and tries to run. The agent wants to hit him in the head with a gun. At that moment the boy grabs his dad’s rifle and shoots the agent and his deputy – and frees the old man. The sky turns red and Indians come forward, and as white law enforcement moves in, a young man with piercing eyes burns the white men and their cars with his piercing look. 

The medicine man shouts “Let’s get our land back” and they all start moving and singing an old song of their proud ancestors – warriors. Wherever they go, the white man runs, drowns in rivers, the ocean, kills each other to get some gas, food, get on the plane, which explodes in the sky as the Indians point at it and with their piercing eyes burn it. 

Festivities in the new free Indian lands follow.

The old man wakes up handcuffed in a nearly empty jail-like cell with the boy handcuffed to the bed. An agent hits the boy in his head. The old man sees a red sky and a young man with piercing eyes is entering the room….

Film Eye-for-Eye #2 – African Americans

I’m not going to give away the plot, but it will be more powerful than the film about Native Americans – and the white man will fully experience everything he has done to the African Americans.

Film Eye-for-Eye #3 – Congo Genocide

From 1885 to 1908 – Belgian King Leopold II, son of German prince Leopold, under cloak of a humanitarian organization, was responsible for killing ten million Congo blacks, raping their women, enslaving the entire population, dismembering, brutally beating and killing those slaves, who did not meet work quotas to harvest rubber from trees, when they refused to climb so high, that branches were so thin, that they would fall down to their death. The colonizers burned their villages, fed them rotten meat so they were dying of disease, cut off their sexual organs and heads, and crucified their children.

This is the beginning of the film. Then a total turnaround twist happens.

Film Eye-for-Eye #4 – First Official Genocide

Prior to WW1 Germany was, after Great Britain and France, the 3rd biggest colonial power, with a number of colonies in Africa. They treated the black population in a similar way they later on treated the Jews during Hitler’s time. They were massacring them. The Germans, wanting the local land and farm animals, massacred a whole nation in Namibia, their colony. The ruthless inhuman Germans had no problem killing even all helpless women and children. This was world’s first official genocide or Holocaust. Approximately 100,000 innocent people were massacred as a preface of the larger Nazi Holocaust, but African colonies were not enough for Germany. It wanted European colonies. It wanted to colonize as much of Europe as it could. WW1 did not happen because Archduke Franz Ferdinand was shot by a Serbian terrorist, but because Germany planned it. Germany secretly planned these events, wanting to colonize its neighbors, in its secret „September Program“ of 1914. Several years later Germany was the major force behind the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and in 1918 negotiated, with its leaders, disengagement of Russia from the war and giving to Germany vast territories under its control, going as far as the Ukraine, which was to become an independent state that Germany planned to colonize. At the end Germany lost the war, but soon a new German visionary appeared on the scene, with the same imperialistic desires – Adolf Hitler.

This is the beginning of the film. I will not give away the plot, but it will be very powerful.

Film Eye-for-Eye #5 – WW2 Genocide

  1. BETRAYAL  Great Britain and France refuse to help its ally Czechoslovakia, which amassed its very large army along German border, ready to fight expected German invasion. If its allies would not betray it, Hitler would be finished quickly and for good, but instead, behind Czechoslovakia’s back, top British and French politicians meekly visit Hitler in Germany and give him OK to annex the Czech Sudetenland. Later on this event became known as the Munich Betrayal. As Czechoslovakia would be able to fight alone the 5x more populous Germany for couple months only, it signs the treacherous treaty, to save millions of lives of its citizens, which are eager to fight the German Nazi vermin. As a result, hundreds of thousands of Czechs are immediately kicked out from Sudetenland and their properties are confiscated by Germans. They have hardly any time to leave.
  2. Poland soon carves out a piece of Czechoslovakia for itself; so does Hungary. There is the Night of Broken Glass in Hitler’s 3rd Reich – pogrom on the Jews. Anna, the daughter of Vera, a rebel high school student, discusses with friends a new, more just world order – as German troops are occupying Bohemia. Slovakia, with its clero-fascist government, splits away from Czechoslovakia. From what is left of it becomes German Protectorate Böhmen und Märhen (Bohemia and Moravia), which is highly industrial and produces on large scale quality weapons, only now no longer for its defense, but for German offense. Czech automaker Tatra makes advanced aerodynamic cars, which Hitler admires, German army officers and pilots love to drive fast on the Autobahn, and Ferdinand Porsche ignores its patents when is more or less copying a small Tatra model while designing the original Volkswagen. The Nazis make sure that the Tatra lawsuit against Porsche is dropped. German – Japanese Axis is created.
  3. HOLOCAUST  German occupation of Europe. Jews are being massacred. Gypsies are being massacred. Babies born to slave labor are left in newborn wards of major German companies, like Volkswagen, to rot and be eaten alive by insects and vermin. Aspirin inventor Bayer, major founder and co-owner of IG Farben, uses 20.000 slaves in its factories and treats them as sub-humans; other German companies do the same. IG Farben develops gas Zyklon B to be used in gas chambers. It cooperates with Doctor Mengele and operates the concentration camp Auschwitz. (Nazi Holocaust icons – Hitler, Bayer, Auschwitz, Volkswagen, Buchenwald, Mercedes-Benz, Hugo Boss, Dachau, BMW, Trebinka, Audi, Doctor Mengele, Porche, gas chambers, Nestle’s subsidiary Maggi, Deutsche Bank, Zyclone B, Siemens, Gestapo, etc., etc.) Meanwhile in the US, Monsanto makes cancer and other illness causing PCB’s.
  4. Slava, Vera’s nephew, is in the Russian guerrilla movement. They catch a German general and he discloses everything to a Russian spy, who they imprison with him, who speaks perfect German, and who later takes on his identity and mingles with high ranking Nazis. It is in the Rovno district of Poland. The Germans are very scared. Slava is in a hit team and unnoticed is observing Anna passing by.
  5. „The Final Solution to The Jewish Question“ is discussed at top level Nazi „Wannsee Conference“ in Berlin in January 1942. All Jews, as an inferior race, are going to be exterminated. Then, after heavy losses on the Eastern Front, Hitler in the year 1943 realizes that Germany will lose the war and starts to plan for the next Reich, the 4th Reich, later on to be called European Union, where Germany would dominate and control things not through military, but economic strength, and naturally through its secret services, which currently are called SS and Gestapo. Prior to that Germany is to amass tremendous wealth from occupied territories and hide it overseas – primarily in Switzerland. This secret hidden wealth will be used to rebuild Germany.
  6. The Nazis realize that after the war they must cooperate with their current enemy, offer them as much assistance as possible, while at the same time will have to try to carve as many benefits as possible for themselves. They also realize that the Jews will want revenge, but at the same time see that the Western powerful mainstream elites that are fighting Germany don’t like the Jews, or don’t care for them. That is obvious even from the way they bomb the Germans. While they can help the Jews in the process, they do not do so at all – and some of these elites even gave support to Hitler from the beginning, including some very powerful members of the British royal family. Massacre of the Japanese, an inferior race, by the Germans, which was planned after winning the war, has to be scrapped too.
  7. WW2 is near its end. Instead of the Germans dropping nuclear bombs on Japan, as they planned, the Americans do it instead. Slava and his friend visit Anna’s family; dressed up and acting like diplomats. The Jews are planning a revenge. They want to poison the water of all German cities; then they back out from the plan. 
  8. Germans, who were members or supporters of the Hitler’s Nazi Party, and that was great majority of them, were kicked out of Sudetenland according to Potsdam treaties signed by the winning powers. Germany is to become an agricultural state, but it offers its spies to the Western powers in exchange for being able to become an industrial country.

The main portion of the movie will follow and will be a little similar to the #1 film about American Indians. The Jews will rule Germany and the Germans will slave for all the nations, including Roma (Gypsies) they tried to exterminate. The Czech nation, which was always welcoming the Jews, and Prague at one time had the biggest Jewish settlement in Europe, will play an interesting role as the events unfold.